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At Firefly, our mission revolves around one central theme: participation. We understand the unique challenges that come with raising a child with additional needs, which is why we've developed the Firefly range of portable postural support products. Each one is carefully crafted to enhance every aspect of your child and family’s daily life.

We recognize that embarking on the journey of raising a child with additional needs can be overwhelming. That's why Firefly prioritizes portability, ease of use, and family participation above all else. Through extensive trials under the guidance of our clinical team, each product is crafted with care to provide optimal postural support.

Our products aren't just clinically sound; they're the result of rigorous testing and practical innovation. From facilitating social interactions to aiding everyday adventures, Firefly products empower children to join in and thrive and you can trust that our solutions will keep your child engaged and included.


Image of child using the Upsee to play with family.


Navigating the early stages of the special needs journey can be challenging. That’s why we provide more than just products. Amidst conflicting advice and uncertainties, our clinical team has developed and curated a range of dedicated resources to accompany each Firefly product, guiding you through each stage of development. Take Wilson's story, for instance; toilet training was not on the family radar until they encountered the GottaGo. Despite a few mishaps and some uncertainty, the GottaGo and the accompanying toilet training guide helped turn a challenge into a success. 

But more than that, we want to connect you to a like-minded community, and our award-winning, parent-led blog is packed full of relatable content from parents who are on the same journey and have their own story to tell.  

At Firefly, we believe in empowering children with additional needs so that they may embrace life to the fullest. Everything you need to kickstart the fun is in the box. It's time for adventure.