Multipurpose Bath Seat

Splashy is a multipurpose bath seat making bath-time easier and tons more fun for families of kids with additional needs. It's a portable, lightweight and supportive seat that works for bathing or messy games wherever you go. It's really compact and sits nice and low in the bath, so it uses less space and less water. Lightweight, detachable parts make it easy to clean. Just give it a quick rinse and it's ready for the next bath-time, weekend away, beach trip, or wherever you decide to go.

  • Designed by Leckey

    Designed by Leckey

  • 42 Day Returns

    42 Day Returns

  • 12 Months Warranty

    12 Months Warranty

  • Feefo 5 / 5

You will receive the following items with your Splashy bath seat...

Size Guide Standard
Age [approx. years] 1 - 8
Maximum User Weight [kgs / lbs] 30 / 66
Seat Backrest Height [mm / "] 610 / 24
Seat Backrest Width [mm / "] 385 / 15
Seat Base Depth [mm / "] 300 / 12
Seat Base Width [mm / "] 350 / 14
Floorsitter Width [mm / "] 420 / 16.5
Floorsitter Height [mm / "] 630 / 24
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Maximum user weight is 30kg/66lbs, so it ranges from approx 1-8 years old depending on the child.

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Splashy FAQs

  1. Is there a store or somewhere I can test the product before buying?

    We do not have physical stores, but product specialists may be able to offer trials in some countries or we have a 42 day return policy (Note: Splashy must only be tested with a dry run if there may be an intention to return).

  2. Do I need to take Splashy apart to let it dry?

    You will need to detach the recline arm from the backrest, but then it can be hung up to dry as one piece. Splashy should always be detached before transporting.

  3. Does Splashy need to be used with the floorsitter?

    You will not be able to use the seat without the floor sitter. The floorsitter provides the stability and support to the seat.

  4. Can the bumpers be used in different positions?

    Yes, depending on the level of support your child requires, it will determine where the bumpers are required. The bumpers can be used as laterals, leg guides, pommel, anti-slide shelf or headrest.

  5. Can the harness be configured between 5 point and 3 point?

    The harness can be configured between a 5-point and 3-point harness depending on the level of head and trunk control your child has. Please see the user manual for instructions on how to change the configuration of your harness.

  6. I am having trouble making my splashy straps short enough.

    Did you know it can be folded? Here is a link to a short video showing how to do it: https://fb.watch/pUTpzdvm49/