US Funding: How it Works

In recent years over 20,000 Firefly products have been funded in the US through insurance (Medicaid or Private) or Early Intervention Programs.

The insurance application process can be daunting when going through it for the 1st time, and can be frustrating as a positive insurance approval is not guaranteed. It's truly a team effort and you will be supported by your Therapist / Clinician & your Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).

Firefly works in partnership with every leading Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) provider in the US, so our CRT partners can supply Firefly products & experienced ATPs can guide you through the insurance application process.


The steps below illustrate key stages in the funding application process, and give an idea of what to expect in terms of timeframe



Total Estimated Timeframe:

11-26 weeks

This is the typical estimated timeframe, in some cases it can take shorter or longer.


If you are unsure about any steps in the process, please contact your local Complex Rehab Technology provider / ATP. If you aren’t sure who that is then please complete our Insurance Information Request form.

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