Sit & Ride - Versatile Mobility Rider

Scooot is designed to help children with additional needs develop motor, sensory, cognitive, & perception skills through exploration & play in a way that best suits their developmental abilities. The 4-in-1 design means 4-times the fun and 4-times the chances to fulfill potential through 4 configurations: Scoot, Crawl, Ride, & Pooosh. Your child will benefit from the experience - whether that’s being able to self-propel a little, being able to move around independently, or being pushed around surroundings.

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You will receive the following items with your Scooot...

Size Guide Standard
Age [approx. years] 2 - 6
Maximum User Weight [kgs / lbs] 22 / 48.5
Seat Base Width [mm / "] 230 / 9
Seat Base Length [mm / "] 400 / 15.5
Hip to end of footplate when seated (not extended) [mm / "] 520 / 20.5
Hip to end of footplate when seated (fully extended) [mm / "] 630 / 24.5
Backrest Width [mm / "] 260 / 10.5
Backrest Height [mm / "] 300 / 12
Wheel Arch Width [mm / "] 230 / 9
Backrest Cushion Laterals Length [mm / "] 420 / 16.5
Backrest Cushion Lateral Length (min) [mm / "] 790 / 31
Backrest Cushion Lateral Length (max) [mm / "] 1010 / 40
Push Pole Height (min) [mm] 800
Push Pole Height (max) [mm] 890
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Scooot's suitability depends on child's level of physical development, hip width, & leg-length. *Available in one size only.

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Scooot FAQs

  1. How do I know if Scooot is suitable for my child?

    Scooot is an early mobility product, designed to provide children with a fun experience and the opportunity for independent movement. Scooot has been designed for children ranging from approximately 2-6 years old (depending on their size) and Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) levels I - IV, depending on their level of development.

    Your child will get the most out of their Scooot (in all configurations) if they are able to hold their own head up, and have a reasonable level of trunk control which means they can floor sit with a little pelvic support. Your child will find it difficult to use Scooot in any configuration if they have limited head and trunk control or sitting ability. However, your child’s abilities may still be emerging, so they may be able to manage a short time in Scooot before getting tired. That’s OK. Go at their pace, and they may soon build the skills and stamina needed.

  2. Are there any reasons not to use Scooot?

    If your child has extremes of tone, or had certain types of surgery (for tight hamstrings, for example), we recommend that you seek advice from your physical therapist and/or physician.

  3. How long should my child use Scooot?

    This may vary depending on your child’s abilities, their mood and the time of day. Be guided by your child, but avoid letting them become too fatigued as this may impact on their abilities in other daily activities.

  4. I am having difficulty manoeuvring the Scooot in the ‘ride’ configuration.

    Please ensure the front castor is taken off.