Splashy Big

Multipurpose, Supportive Bath Seat

Taking all features & benefits of Splashy, but opening up more opportunities for 8-16 year olds who want to participate in fun activities with friends & family. Splashy Big supports & helps encourage independence at bath time. Bathing vs. showering can facilitate a more dignified approach to washing that allows your child to control their experience while improving self-esteem & well-being. It grants your child access to new environments from the shower to around the home, outdoors, at the beach, & more.

  • Designed by Leckey

    Designed by Leckey

  • 42 Day Returns

    42 Day Returns

  • 12 Months Warranty

    12 Months Warranty

  • Feefo 5 / 5

You will receive the following items with your Splashy Big...

Size Guide Standard
Age [approx. years] 8 - 16
Maximum User Weight [kgs / lbs] 55 / 121
Seat Backrest Height [mm / "] 720 / 28.5
Seat Backrest Width [mm / "] 450 / 17.5
Seat Base Depth [mm / "] 400 / 15.5
Seat Base Width [mm / "] 450 / 17.5
Floorsitter Width [mm / "] 420 / 16.5
Floorsitter Height [mm / "] 795 / 31
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Maximum user weight is 55kg/121lbs, suitable for tweens and teens aged 8-16 years old (approx.)

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Splashy Big FAQs

  1. What is the maximum user weight?

    55kgs (121lbs)

  2. Where can Splashy be used?

    We have tested Splashy Big for use in the bath/shower, for water play activities, in the garden, at the beach.

  3. Does Splashy go into full recline?

    Splashy has 26 different recline settings with a maximum recline of 140 degrees.

  4. Can the floorsitter for Splashy Big be used with the Splashy or GoTo Seat?

    No, the new Splashy Big floorsitter has been designed to hold a larger maximum weight and therefore is longer than the current Splashy or GoTo floorsitter.

  5. Are there any accessories available for Splashy Big?

    Yes, you can purchase additional bumpers on the accessories section of our website.

  6. Do I need to take Splashy Big apart to let it dry?

    You will need to detach the recline arm from the backrest, but then it can be hung up to dry as one piece. Splashy Big should always be detached before transporting.

  7. Is there a higher base with it?

    No, the unique feature of Splashy Big is, that it sits low to the base of the bath.

  8. Is there only one size?

    Yes! The harness and bumpers are all height adjustable and therefore Splashy Big accommodates from an age range of 7 – 14-year-olds or weight limit of 55kg (121lbs).

  9. Does Splashy Big need to be used with the floorsitter?

    You will not be able to use the seat without the floor sitter. The floorsitter provides the stability and support to the seat.

  10. Does the seat base recline or angle adjust?

    The seat base is fixed to the floorsitter and therefore does not recline or angle adjust.

  11. What is the returns policy?

    Splashy Big can only be returned if it has not been used in water. We recommend completing a dry run with labels still attached to ensure fit before using in the bath or water environment.

  12. Can the bumpers be used in different positions?

    Yes, depending on the level of support your child requires, will determine where the bumpers are required. The bumpers can be used as laterals, leg guides, pommel, anti-slide shelf or headrest.

  13. Can the suction cups on the floorsitter be positioned differently?

    Depending on the width of your bath, will determine where on the floorsitter the suction cups are positioned. You do not have to use all 6 suction cups, however, the suction cups must mirror each other to ensure the seat is stable and secure within the bath.

  14. What is the overall weight of Splashy Big?

    Splashy weighs 15lbs / 7kg

  15. What colors of Splashy Big are available?

    Splashy Big is available in one color; Royal Blue. When ordering Splashy Big, you are able to mix and match the color of harness and bumper pack. For example: order a blue seat with a coral or lime harness and bumper pack.

  16. Can the harness be configured between 5 point and 3 point?

    The harness can be configured between a 5-point and 3-point harness depending on the level of head and trunk control your child has. Please see the user manual for instructions on how to change the configuration of your harness.

  17. What are the dimensions of Splashy Big floorsitter?

    Width – 420mm Length – 795mm

  18. Is there any latex in Splashy Big?

    No, none of the Firefly products are made with latex.

  19. What’s included in Splashy Big?

    When you order Splashy Big you get the seat back, seat base, floorsitter, 5-point harness and four bumpers.

  20. Does it come with the bag?

    There is no bag for Splashy Big but there is a Velcro strap at the back which holds the floorsitter and seat together.

  21. Can you order replacement covers for Splashy Big?

    At the moment you cannot order replacement covers but it will be something you can order in the future.

  22. What size bath does Splashy Big fit in?

    The Splashy Big floorsitter measures 420mm (16.5 inches) wide. Our design team did months of research of bath sizes with the average size in the UK being 700mm wide and in the USA being 760mm – 850mm. However, the true dimensions of the bath floor can be measured by measuring the flat surface of your bath from one side to the other across using a tape measure.

  23. Do the suction cups need to be used in the bath?

    Try to make sure all suction cups are firmly secured to a flat surface before putting the child in the bath. If they can’t all be secured, please make sure the Splashy Big is stable with little movement.

  24. Do you need to use the stabilizer when not in the bath?

    Whilst the stabilizer is not needed when using the Splashy Big in the bathtub, it is important to ensure it is fully rotated to its, “locked”, position when outside the bathtub.