Portable, Postural Support Seat

GoTo Seat is a lightweight, portable, postural support seat for children with additional needs. A GoTo makes daily tasks easier, and means kids don’t need to miss out. It’s a little piece of independence that lets kids see the world from a new perspective and feel they’re at the heart of the action. Families worldwide use their GoTo seats in shopping trolleys, swings, planes, trikes, dining tables, cinemas, even dentists and so much more. A GoTo Seat makes daily tasks easier.



Portable Toilet Seat

GottaGo is an innovative, portable toilet seat which makes toilet time easier for families of children with additional needs. It is a lightweight seat that creates a unique deep squat posture which makes for easier, healthier and more efficient toileting, wherever you may be. It all packs into an easy to carry backpack that's great for changing, and is so simple to set up - taking the stress out of toilet trips for families on the go. The GottaGo provides children with the consistency and optimum squat posture to reduce the need for diapers/nappies and make toilet time a success.



Early Intervention Therapy Kit

This lightweight bag contains an entire activity centre. Inside you will find rolls, wedges and supports that stick together in dozens of ways and let your child practice different developmental postures which form the building blocks for later abilities. Playpak also comes with a handy therapy guide, featuring advice and easy-to-use instructions that show you how to use each clever little piece to create different sitting and lying positions, as well as how to perform all the recommended developmental games with your child. Playpak is also more than just practical, it looks great too. It definitely doesn’t look like therapy equipment, and won’t attract any sideways glances!



Sit & Ride - Versatile Mobility Rider

Scooot is designed to help children with additional needs develop motor, sensory, cognitive and perception skills through exploration and play in a way that best suits their developmental abilities. Scooot's 4-in-1 design means 4-times the fun and 4-times as many chances to fulfil potential. Scooot has four cool configurations: Scoot, Crawl, Ride, and Pooosh. Your child will benefit from the experience Scooot can provide them with – whether that’s being at floor level, being able to self-propel a little, or even being able to move around independently or being pushed around their surroundings.



Multipurpose Bath Seat

Splashy is a multipurpose bath seat making bath-time easier and tons more fun for families of kids with additional needs. It's a portable, lightweight and supportive seat that works for bathing or messy games wherever you go. It's really compact and sits nice and low in the bath, so it uses less space and less water. Lightweight, detachable parts make it easy to clean. Just give it a quick rinse and it's ready for the next bath-time, weekend away, beach trip, or wherever you decide to go.


Splashy Big

Multipurpose, Supportive Bath Seat

With all of the features and benefits of Splashy, Splashy Big opens up many more opportunities for 8-16 year olds who want to participate in fun activities with friends and family. As your child gets older, Splashy Big can help promote and encourage independence at bath time. Bathing as opposed to showering can facilitate a more dignified approach to washing because it allows your child to control their experience which promotes independent self-care skills and encourages improved self-esteem and well-being. Splashy Big can also be used in the shower, around the home, or outdoors to give your child access to new environments. It can provide postural support at the beach, during floor activities or for chillin' at home.



Upright Activity, Mobility Harness

Upsee is mobility harness designed to allow children with motor impairment to stand and move with the help of an adult. It allows children with additional needs to experience upright movement like anyone else. Some have been able to stand and hug their little brother or sister for the first time. Some have waved at neighbours on their first ever walk along their own street. And some crossed the playground hand-in-hand with their best friend for the very first time.



Lightweight, Portable Pushchair

WeGo is a stylish pushchair designed for kids with additional needs. It's as lightweight, portable and snazzy-looking as any typical pushchair. But it has some hidden surprises. First, you can clip your GoTo seat into it. So your little one gets all that GoTo support and comfort they love, but now they get it going around parks, shops and anywhere. It even reclines up to 140 degrees for napping or changing. It also comes with lots of great accessories as standard - like a hood, foot muff, rain cover and basket! Don't need postural support? That's okay too. Without the GoTo Seat, it still supports kids with mobility issues up to 30kg, way more than most pushchairs.



We offer lots of optional accessories for your Firefly products. Choose the right accessory for your little one.