5 Reasons Ethan’s Stepdad Rocks

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Naomi Aldridge

Naomi Aldridge

I am a special needs blogger who writes about mine and my son's special needs journey. I love being a mummy to Ethan and I want to share the highs...

1. He includes Ethan in everything. No matter where we are Steve ensures Ethan is able to take part.

I remember once Steve determined that Ethan wouldn't miss out on the giant inflatable slide. I remember my response which was "Do you think we can do this?!".

Steve was adamant we could!

I've never laughed so much getting up to the top of that slide! The steps were wobbly and sunk down as we walked on them. We passed Ethan between us and got to the top. Funniest thing was, Ethan didn't even like the slide!!

Needless to say this hasn't stopped him trying and since then we've been on tractors, soft play (that was another slide incident!), flying helicopters and bouncy castles to name a few.

2. He doesn't see Ethan as any different to any other child. He doesn't see why he should be treated any different as he's the same as us.

Ethan gets the same treats as his sister even though he's dairy free or he can't play with the rubbish toy out the machine.

3. He gives the best hugs!You can just see Ethan light up when he's in his arms.

They are thick as thieves when they are together!

They snuggle and fall asleep on the sofa, they watch Star Wars together and gang up on mummy!

Their favourite thing to do is wrestling! The sound of wrestling music can be heard throughout our house as Ethan’s carried to bed each night, followed by the roaring of his laughter.

Afterwards follows a short wrestling match where daddy usually wins and Ethan laughs his head off!

4. He is the first to leave work in an emergency.

He will no matter what he's doing be there for his little dude.

He will be right by his side holding his and my hands. He is our rock and he provides us both with a shoulder to cry on and lots of laughs when we need cheering up.

5. He loves Ethan unconditionally. He goes through everything with Ethan daily

He sees him at his best and his worst. He never once gets annoyed and he just continues to love Ethan no matter what kind of day he's having.

We could go on about how amazing he is, but we wouldn't want to encourage his ego would we now!


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