5 Things We Can Do To Make Life Easier

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Chris Jenkins

Chris Jenkins

I am a father with shared care of my two children. My son has a life limited condition. Dads matter.

5 Things We Can Do To Make Life Easier

Christmas seems a distant memory and the throws of being a carer and holding down a full-time job is in full swing. It feels like Groundhog Day with Covid still haunting us all and our every day lives. But there must be some positivity, right?

Yes, there is! I, along with lots of others need to look at 2022 in a more positive way - what are the little things that can be done to make life easier and more bearable. I am going to break this down into five things that I hope most can be done by all of us.

Go for a walk

Even if it’s a short 15–30-minute walk with your children. I enjoy taking my son Joey, who has a life limited condition, for a walk whether this be around the local area, by the sea – he loves the sound of the sea and feeling the wind on his face makes him giggle. The little pleasures that we take for granted can add so much to a child’s life.

Get in the garden

I spent 20 minutes in the garden in Joey’s ppod, wrapped him up warm and just listened for the sounds of the natural environment whether this be the sounds of birds, the odd plane going overhead or the beep of a car. The main thing is we got some fresh air and he loved it.

Read more stories

I love seeing the look in Joey’s eyes when I am reading him a story. I need to do more of this and even though he is nonverbal his face tells me how much he enjoys it. So, my default won’t be the stories that are available online, but ones I can read to him in the old fashion way of reading a book and showing the pictures and being as animated as I can be to make him smile.

Spend time with the family

Family time is so important whether it be a quick walk with Grandma or a visit from the cousins/aunties/uncles/brothers/stepbrothers and sisters/ step mum. My aim is to try and get that interaction up and organise some nice activities to look forward to – in the summer that could be a trip to the beach and in the winter an early showing in the cinema or a walk in the country park. We went to see Clifford the big red dog recently and Joey and his brother Jaxon had that time together with me, which is something that they don’t get enough of.

Being in the now

I am desperately trying not to think about the future and what that holds as it can be scary. Living in the now is my goal – what can I do now to live life as positive as I can with the challenges we face and spend the time with Joey loving life and laughing more. He is a wonderful boy whose smile brings much joy to everyone he meets.


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