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A letter to my Daddy

Stephanie Swann by Stephanie Swann Additional Needs

Stephanie Swann

Stephanie Swann

I live in Stockport with my partner and 5 year old little boy Joseph. Joseph suffered from a grade 3 Hypoxic brain injury at birth and has subseque...

Dear Daddy,

I want you to know that I think you are the best Daddy in the world.

I’m not sure I know any other Dad’s but none of them can be as clever and funny as you.

You have learned so many new things to make sure you can be the best Daddy for me.

You’re never too tired to cuddle and play even though lots of times, you’re awake to look after me in the night whilst me and mummy are sleeping.

I know that sometimes you are very tired from working hard and because you are always doing lots of jobs at our home to make it nice for us.

Thank you for making it a nice place for us to live, I feel happy and safe in our home.

I love it when it is just me and you Daddy because that is our special time.

I like it when we wake up in the mornings, you take me on a walk around the house and we look out of the windows.

You talk to me about the weather outside.

I love the songs you sing to me Daddy and when we play guitar together, you let me do the strings all by myself.

I love it when you fill the bath with way more bubbles than Mummy and you sing the Ducky song.

You are my best mate in the world and my hero.

You always look after me and Mummy and I know that when you are not at home for lots of days and I miss you, it’s because you are working hard to make pennies to buy me monster trucks.

I like seeing your face on Mummy’s phone before bedtime when you’re at that work place.

I love it when you talk to me and I get excited to touch the phone like I touch your face when you’re at home with us.

You and mummy taught me all about gentle hands when I do face touching and I like touching your face because that is how I tell you I love you.

Lots of love from Joseph

A letter to my Daddy


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