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June concluded the end of Oliver’s very first season playing baseball!

He finally was of age to participate in our local organization, Little League baseball.

He was supplied with his very own hat, jersey, and we purchased the tiniest bat and helmet we could find.

Our previous experiences with sports were tremendous, unfortunately it was a lot for Oliver to handle with so many people he did not know around, and directing him on how to play.

The point would be for the parents to finally be able to sit, while a buddy would help your child around on the field.

This was to allow us to watch our children play, instead of being the one’s by their side.

A nice little, break!

Some kids, although not all, were in wheelchairs, some in walkers, other assistive devices, or none at all.

Oliver used his wheelchair, and his buddy would assist him around the field, pushing him to the ball, the goal, or just to be by his side for support.

Our problem, was that Oliver at the time did NOT like anyone he did not know pushing him while mommy or daddy was off almost out of sight.

Once he lost sight of us, he would just bawl.

Bawl, until one of us came back to his aide.

It did not make the season any less enjoyable, but we had then decided to take a break from sports so that we did not give him a bad stigma on them.

When baseball popped up as an option, I just had to give it a shot!

I thought it wouldn't be much of a loss if we encountered that same problem, as everyone is so understanding.

As tryouts rolled around, I was nervous but stuck by his side to prevent meltdowns.

But, guess what?!

Oliver found a friend the very first day, who ended up being his buddy/coach for the whole season, and he did soooo well.

I was able to not only watch from the sides as he wowed everyone with his throwing skills and muscles, but take a seat during game times and watch the WHOLE game without one breakdown.

I was never more proud of him, then on those game days when he could independently (for the most part) get out on the field, hit the ball and zip to each and every base out there.

I just love that even in a small city (compared to our surrounding cities) like ours, we have these options for our kiddos to enjoy and experience.

Not only that, but I am so grateful for the people who donate their own time and resources to providing the best days and memories for the children as well as their family members.

Thank you guys for all that you do, and thank you for one GREAT season.

Here's to the next!!


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