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Amy Cameron

Amy Cameron

I’m mummy to 2 boys with very different needs - follow us to see how we live a different kind of normal.

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. I love the build-up; the decorating of the tree, the Christmas carols, the hot chocolate and the family all coming together.

But since our youngest son was diagnosed with SMA, Christmas time always has me feeling a bit nervous – there are lots of coughs and colds, lots of winter germs and more risk of catching these things with all the social gatherings.

There’s always the possibility that Christmas could be spent in hospital.

We’ve spent the last few years in a Christmas bubble at our house to try to avoid all the winter bugs.

We still take part in all things festive, our faith is a big part of our lives so celebrating Christmas is a special time for our family.

I don’t feel we miss out on any of the festivities – we simply do everything at home wrapped up in a big Christmas bow!!

If your family is like ours then here are a few ideas of what we do at Christmas in our house.

We bake Christmas cookies and decorate them with lots of sweets and coloured icing.

We watch Christmas movies with candy cane hot chocolate.

We have pyjama days at the weekends and the boys write their Christmas lists.

We put the Christmas trees up and the boys help us decorate the house.

We have lots of fun with elf on the shelf and open our advent calendars every morning.

We invite family to our house for Christmas goodies and drinks instead of us having to go out in the cold.

 We put Christmas music on and dance in the kitchen.

We read Christmas bed time stories.

We go for a drive into town to see all the twinkly Christmas lights.

We spend the majority of December at home – some would say it’s a bit extreme but we try our best to make sure everyone is as well as possible because all I really want for Christmas is for us all to be at home having Christmas together at our house.


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