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I told my son to stand up to you and to hit you back the next time you lay your hands on him.

My son is currently crying, he is sobbing and he has just said to me, “I can’t take it any more mum, I can’t cope, I can’t take what is happening to me”.

Turns out he only wanted to play with you in the school playground today.

Instead of saying, "No," or even just being rude and ignoring him, one of you stole his hat and threw it on the ground whilst another stood on it.

Then, a third person overpowered him and got him in a headlock when he stood up for himself.

Just like I had told him to.

Imagine how your own mum or dad would feel if this was you crying to them, the disappointment in their faces as they try to console you and tell you that it will all be OK.

How does this make you feel?

My son is special and he is more special than you, not because he is my son, but because he has a good heart and is a good decent person.

He does not have a malicious bone in his body but he is very naïve and will easily forgive.

He would give you the chance to do this to him again in a heartbeat if he thought you would play with him and be his friend.

We have brought him up to be kind to others, to always interact and to try and make new friends – do you know how hard it is for some children to make new friends when they struggle to communicate?

Yes, you are 9 years old and children will be children, but you are cruel, you know the difference between right and wrong and I don’t have much hope for your future.

When I approached the head of school with your names – she was not surprised and was already aware of your group, in fact you had only been back in the playground for a few days after having break times revoked previously for the same behaviour.

I take some comfort, selfishly, knowing that it is not just my child that you are being mean too.

The thing is though, my son will grow into a wonderful and respectful young man because I will make sure of that.

He will excel and stand head and shoulders above people like you, even with his challenges because good people prevail.

Yes, it will be a long journey and there will be many more other children like you along his road but, you see, what is different, is that he will be the better person in the long run.


An upset mum x


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