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Nicola Sheldon

I'm Nicola, mama to three awesome boys. We live in Thatcham, Berkshire with my husband and dad extraordinaire Chris along with our dog Percy and ca...

Dear Daddy,

I’ve not met many other Daddy’s, I’m only four years old. But I reckon you must be the best daddy there is.

I know our first meeting didn’t quite go to plan, and although the first few weeks were very scary for me it helped having you there keeping me comfortable, giving me my milk and cuddling me.

Most of all, it helped knowing that you believed in me.

I was so glad when you learned how to suction my secretions, so that I was safe to come home with you. All I wanted was to be safe at home with you and mummy and my big brother.

And then you learned how to put my feeding tube in for me, so that I didn’t have to go hungry waiting for a strange nurse to do it for me.

I know you’ve always had to work hard to make sure that we all have everything we need, but I am so glad that you still have time to cuddle and play with me.

I love that you know what my favourite TV shows are, and I think you are really good at picking out new ones for me to try.

And I love playing with you and my brother’s, I’m not afraid of rough and tumble and I love that you always let me get involved too.

I love that you get my sense of humour.

Not many people would laugh when I pee on them, but you do. And then you laugh with me for laughing at you.

I love that you are always there in the middle of the night, if I wake up scared, or in pain, or stuck in a funny position, you always come and rescue me and make sure I’m ok.

I love that you still carry me up and down the stairs each day, even though I’m growing very big now, and I know that sometimes it hurts your back, but I feel so safe in your arms.

Sometimes people tell me that I’m a superhero, but I think the real superhero is you and I’d really love it if you would wear your pants on the outside of your clothes every now and then because that would make me laugh!


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