Does the UK Lead the Way When it Comes to Changing Places?

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That sounds like quite a lot but when you consider how big our country is, and how many places do not have one, it really isn’t very many at all.

But, even with so few facilities, could it be that this is one area in which the UK are overshadowing the rest of the world and leading by example? Even though we aren’t doing all that well ourselves.

The rest of Europe is being very slow in catching up to the UK when it comes to Changing Places toilets.

We understand there are a few changing places toilets in Germany now and we spotted a campaign in Sweden.  But we couldn’t find any information about other campaigns or facilities across the continent.

It seems strange that Europe is so far behind us considering how close we are and how many disabled Brits visit the continent each year.

We expected the USA, to at least be hard on our tails, if not, way ahead of us when it came to, "Changing Places", style toilets.

They are world leaders in most other areas after all.

But we were wrong.

The USA does not have a single, "Changing Places", style facility anywhere in the country.

Even Walt Disney World expects disabled people to lie on a toilet floor, not the magical experience we all dream of.

Sure, we have noticed a few bathrooms are springing up which house an adult sized changing table but we couldn’t find any which also had a hoist!

When you consider that Florida, just one of their 50 states, could house the whole UK and still have space left over, it really is shocking (and disappointing) we couldn’t find a single facility to write about!

We did notice there are several online campaigns to get adult sized changing benches into public bathrooms but no one seems to be including hoists in their campaigns, which seems a little odd as it is extremely difficult and dangerous to lift an adult onto a changing bed without one.

If you do know of a changing places style toilet in America, please let us know!

Canada, however, is starting to take notice of the campaign.  They recently opened the very first Changing Places toilet in Montreal airport.

If you need this type of facility in Canada you can now visit the airport and use their fantastic facility.  You wouldn’t really be able to go anywhere else though which is disappointing!

But now they have one, the sky’s the limit.

And we all have to start somewhere don’t we!

Australia is hard on the UK’s heels when it comes to changing places though.

Their campaign has been running for some time and they now have several changing places toilets.

There are government grants of up to $100,000 available to places who want to build changing places toilets which is just brilliant.

This can only mean more and more changing places toilets are built which is something to really celebrate.

So, back to the original question, are the UK the world leaders when it comes to Changing Places toilets?

Yes, it would seem we are, even though we still need more facilities across the country.

So here is a challenge for our overseas readers… do you think you can catch up?


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