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He’s absolutely perfect just the way he is.

But that doesn’t mean everyone is going to see him the same way I do.

Here’s how I deal with ignorant people.

1. I Tell It Like It Is - There is no shame in Cooper’s developmental delays

In fact, I now believe it’s his delays that make him so much more special than most kids his age.

And I don’t mean in a special needs kind of way, I mean he’s just an awesomely wonderful kid.

But unfortunately, there’s some people who can’t see past Cooper’s speech and his inability to understand some of things that are said to him.

To those people, I say shame on you! Special needs are nothing to look down upon and I find it sad when people look at Coop as if there is something wrong with him.

2. Educate the Nay-Sayers

Yeah, those people I was just referring to need more than a kick in the head.

They need to be educated on what your child’s needs are.

Let them know what’s going on with your child, then, make it clear that if they can’t see anything but the “bad” then they don’t need to stick around for the good.

I advise printing off material for all of your extended family and friends to learn about your child’s needs, then let that be the end of it.

When they see how it’s totally not a big deal to you, chances are they’ll come around eventually.

Until then, forget about ‘em.

3. Don’t Get Too Defensive

Confession: I have real trouble following my own advice on this one.

Anytime someone has something negative to say about my Coop, I want to throat-punch them.

Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but you get my point.

Still, getting into a knock-down, drag out with an idiot who doesn’t get your child is so not worth it.

Instead, politely inform them that there’s nothing wrong with your child, however they (the person insulting your child) might consider getting a brain scan for activity.

Then, just walk away.

After all, it’s not yours or your child’s fault there are bumbling idiots in this world who open their mouths before they open their minds.


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