Find the Ability in the Disability

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Rochelle Followes

I am parent to a gorgeous little blue eyed boy who has complex needs. I have a Facebook page, 'my daily miracle' where I share our life with others...

They got so carried away with the idea of what Zachariah should be, what he should look like and what he should be able to do, that it appeared to reflect that this person didn’t want to celebrate who Zachariah already was.

For a mother to hear these things spoken over her son was the most heartbreaking thing, it saddened me also that they were obviously missing the joy and love Zachariah brings.

Now, being a Christian myself, I value the power of prayer and I know that God can heal, he can change things but I also know that God makes every child in his own image regardless of their disabilities, ‘imperfections’ and looks.

With God there are no limitations and we all have something to make us special and unique.

I believe that we should have hope that Zachariah may one day be healed of his epilepsy and lissencephaly, and I truly believe there is hope that his eyesight will develop, but I also thank God every single day for giving me Zachariah and feel blessed to have such a beautiful son.

It would seem that sometimes people can get so wrapped up in what they believe things should be like that they completely miss what is shining right in front of them.

There is so much time used to try and fix things, try and change things that the whole moment of celebrating each person for who they are is missed.

Something else that really hurt me was they said that another child who they believed to be the same as Zachariah had been healed and is now ‘normal’, and they believed that Zachariah too could be made ‘normal’.

What I would like to know is how can you say two children are the same and what the heck is normal?

Who earns the right to define what normal is when we are all meant to express our own unique selves?

I truly hold on to the fact that every child is made in God's image, every child is made to be unique and special and every child has their own right to be treasured, celebrated and held up to flourish.

This made me think about how the world views disabilities and I’m not sure those with disabilities are treated with respect and/or taken seriously.

A pastor of another church once said that if they were change anything about their disabilities it would be prejudice against them and all the other people with disabilities.

Let’s stop this stigma, let's create a world where we celebrate everybody, and although we can have hope for cures and healing we also have to have the balance of acceptance.

Look at the abilities rather than the disabilities and perceptions can be changed. Zachariah has the ability to make a whole room smile just by entering the room, he has the most amazing drumming skills and has a beautiful singing voice.

Zachariah has a cheeky side that makes you laugh, and a loving side that makes you feel warm inside.

He is the most beautiful boy I have laid eyes on and I celebrate him and thank God for him every single day.

I love my son!


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