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The video showed a young man taking in his used car to get fixed and leaving, to his surprise, with a brand new Ford Explorer.

You see though, there was one more thing...

The Ford Explorer was upgraded and adjusted to allow this young man to access it with his wheelchair.

To be able to drive it like any one of us would.

Through a comment I left, praising the video and thanking them for sharing it, I found myself with a new friend!

Two actually. You see, like my son, this young man (whom I will proudly introduce in just a second) has spina bifida.

As a refresher, spina bifida is a birth defect in which the baby’s spinal cord fails to fully develop.

Through my comment, in which I shared a photo of my son in his very own wheelchair, I met Mitch Bohn.

Mitch is a communications major, who loves to watch his brother play baseball. He himself is also a huge sport and movie buff!

The automotive business that blessed Mitch with this awesome new car is known as Christian Brother’s automotive.

The very first time Mitch visited Christian Brothers was for his 1997 Chevy Lumina, which would not start.

He had to get his car towed to the automotive shop, where they informed him that his car was a fire waiting to happen!

When he realized the new Ford was a gift for him, a gift in which he never grew up to expect, he was so overwhelmed with emotions.

Since receiving the new car, it has allowed Mitch freedom knowing he did not have to rely on his mother or father to get in and out of a vehicle with his wheelchair.

I asked Mitch if he was able to give any gift, what would it be and why.

He said, “I would give someone the gift of kindness. You never truly know how much just a simple smile or hi can make someone’s day.”

As for my last question, I wanted to know if there was one piece of advice he would like to share with kids (such as my son).

In his own words,

“My one piece of advice is sort of two things actually, but they tie together.

Don’t under any circumstances let someone tell you, "No", to doing what you want.

If you want to play basketball, do it. If you want to climb a mountain, do it.

Just because you have a disability, that does not mean you cannot dream big. So with that, dream big.”


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