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It sure has been awhile since we have blogged about our sweet Oliver and all his shenanigans!

We are currently surviving ( and when I saw we, I mean dad and I) Summer 2019 with all three boys.

Summers are no easy task, and I wish I cherished them more when the boys were little.

Now it is almost impossible to keep the pantry stocked, bellies fed before the next one says “I'm hungry”, and having enough activities to avoid the “I'm bored”.

I can almost see you all through the screen now, nodding with agreement. Oliver has turned five this summer and I seriously cannot believe how fast the time has gone.

Along with the notch in the year older belt, Oliver has also scored two more notches in the diagnosis department.

Unfortunately we started the year off with Oliver experiencing his very first seizure.

It was such a frightening ordeal that we really do not have answers to yet.

I always knew it was a possibility with the hydrocephalus and Chiari II malformation, but figured since he never had experienced them when he was an infant or toddler, that we were kind of “in the clear”.

But, I was wrong and it happened.

He now takes up permanent residency in our king size bed at night, and luckily has not experienced any since that one morning.

Because of the seizure, we had to see a neurologist.

During one of his visits with our neurologist, she noted what sounded like a heart murmur in Oliver’s heart.

We had never heard of this before, in all his previous doctors, so it was surprising.

We now are scheduled to see a cardiologist to hopefully rule this one out, but we aren’t holding our breathe.

My little Oliver still soldiers on though, despite how the year has started out.

He is five and starting kindergarten soon! I survived him being in pre-k this last year, and am excited to see all the new friends he makes and new things he learns in the school year.

Plus, there is nothing better than getting those adorable little crafts they make throughout the year.

From my household to yours, I wish you the best of luck in the remaining days before the little rascals head off to school.


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