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I am parent to a gorgeous little blue eyed boy who has complex needs. I have a Facebook page, 'my daily miracle' where I share our life with others...

Having Zachariah has only made some of these friendships much more important and special. Not only have they become stronger but my son has adopted some more incredible aunties in addition to his family who absolutely dote on him.

Why are they so incredible?

They will text me before and after appointments, whether they are big or small. Not only this, but they will offer to come along if close family can’t make it.

They want all the details and will pray for anything that is needed, and research anything they don’t understand to ensure they are on this journey alongside us.

They are just as knowledgeable about Zachariah’s condition, therapy and development progress as I am.

They get excited about absolutely everything Zachariah accomplishes, I mean EVERYTHING!

Every smile and giggle, every time he catches your eye, they celebrate.

Having a son with very complex needs and severe visual impairment requires a lot of patience, there can sometimes be a long wait to receive a reaction from him, this patience is something my friends have.

They have such a special bond with him and it's all because they have invested so much time to get to know and love him.

They teach their children how to communicate and play with Zachariah, inclusion for my son is one of my biggest goals that I aim for daily.

It is so important to me that he is never left behind, my friends children are beautiful little characters who make Zachariah most welcome to their activities and always talk to him so he knows they are there.

Sometimes this means that they push him around in his chair or they help dress him, all simple things to others but so precious to me.

Zachariah loves growing up around his friends, the craziness and the laughter they bring is priceless! I thank my friends for this!

Through all the laughter, tears and worry my friends have stood by me and my little family, they have loved, supported and encouraged me as a special needs mummy.

They plan days out together around Zachariah and ensure there’s something for him to do and somewhere accessible and actively seek places to recommend for him to go.

I do not know where I would be without them!

I love my friends and everything they do for me.

Rochelle, mummy to Zachariah xx


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