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Fundraising for her Independence

Rochelle Carter by Rochelle Carter Additional Needs

Rochelle Carter

Rochelle Carter

Sharing insights on how we, together as a family, are living life ‘differently’ as a result of Cerebral Palsy in attempt to help raise awareness ar...

Fundraising isn’t something that is easy to do.

Asking people for money isn’t something that comes naturally to most people, but special needs children come at a massive cost. You want to give your child the essential treatment, therapy and equipment they need to give them a greater chance at life but are restricted due to the lack of available funding.

We made the decision to begin fundraising with Just4Children in December 2018 when we realised that Annabelle needed more treatment, therapy and equipment than what we could afford. Since our fundraising journey began, we have had family and friends join us taking part in sporting events, pubs run by family members holding charity events, various businesses displaying our donation tins and support from our local rotary club.

Our most recent fundraising project wasn’t about us doing a challenge or someone holding an event on our behalf, it was about ANNABELLE doing one herself.

Annabelle always sees her daddy taking part in sporting events and she loves cheering him on and seeing his medal at the end.

So, when we found an event that Annabelle was able to participate in, we jumped at the chance. Why shouldn’t she be given the opportunity to take part in an event! Between 15 June and 15 July Annabelle took part in the Superhero Series challenge and was able to raise money towards our ongoing fundraising for her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery which is not funded by the NHS for children with Annabelle’s level of cerebral palsy along the way.

The event involved her walking and cycling and impressive 20km over the course of the month. This may not seem like a big challenge, but for a little girl, only three years of age, who cannot sit, stand or walk independently it was a tremendous challenge for her!

The effort she had to put in was on another level but to see the pure excitement on her as she finished the event outside of her nursery where her friends were waiting and chanting her name as she crossed the finish line and receive a medal for her efforts was incredible. We could not be prouder of her determination and courage at such a young age.

Whilst our fundraising journey continues, Annabelle’s challenge has helped get us that little bit close to getting her the operation she desperately needs. The self-funded surgery, will involve cutting the sensory nerve fibres which are sending incorrect signals to her brain, followed by intensive physiotherapy to help to reduce the spasticity in her lower limbs and give her a greater chance of independence.

Fundraising isn’t easy but how can we deny our precious little girl of this chance.... we CANNOT!


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