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Jenni Wolfenbarger

Jenni Wolfenbarger

Midwest Mom parenting 5 kids of 3 nationalities. Passionate about adoption, special needs and living a life that is filled with faith & laughter #CLE

I have been amazed at how our girl has blossomed. She has gained weight, she has outgrown many clothing sizes and she went from barely sitting up to now walking with assistance.

She has learned to communicate by using sign language and she is hearing with the assistance of a cochlear implant.

Even with all the discoveries, we still have many unanswered questions.

Our medical paperwork has huge blanks due to her medical history and family history being unknown.

Last week, our doctor suggested that we explore the field of genetics for more answers.

We will be going to a genetics clinic later on this month and begin testing in hopes of learning more about Afua.

A part of me is excited to gain more information and a part of me is nervous that we may find something more devastating.

But like our Doctor said, knowledge is power and we can be more proactive about Afua’s care once we know more.


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