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Some don’t, they are thrown into parenthood by circumstance and try and make the best of the situation.

Some people can’t become parents to their own children and endure the hardest of journeys through IVF or adoption to become parents.

Some families lose parents and essentially older siblings become parents to their younger ones.

Some parents are single parents, doing the hardest job of all pulling double shifts to be both mum & dad.

Everyone’s journey into parenthood is unique; no two families are the same.

What we ALL have in common though is our journey, albeit that we all may take different paths to get there.

Our road was a bit bumpy for a while.

Within the role of a parent we suddenly obtain a whole new skill set or feathers in our caps.  We become:

- Teachers

- Entertainers

- First-Aiders

- Protectors

- Mediators

- Motivators

It is the most difficult yet most rewarding title you will ever have.

Yes we know that we have to provide the basic yet essentials like food, clothes, nurture and support.

Yet we have so much more to do in making their environment safe, make them aware of dangers, the difference between right and wrong.

It is our role to protect them from dangers to which they may be unaware or vulnerable too, especially where our children have additional needs.

We have to help them acquire emotional wellbeing – to praise, give affection in order to build healthy emotions.

To try and eliminate negative factors that they will inevitably encounter of sarcasm or bullying.

My son has autism; as if all of the above that I know I have to do wasn’t hard enough, I had the added difficulty that part of his condition meant that he could not fully understand many of the emotions that I was trying to teach.

Yes he understood the basics early on of happy/sad but try teaching the emotion of embarrassment or confusion!!

The thing is there is no guide, no manual or “parenting for dummies” guide – well there are a plethora of them that you can access in book stores or on your kindle but I mean it in the sense of “no one person’s way is the right way!

We can only make our way through life doing the absolute best and morally correct things we can for our children; yes we will ALL make mistakes, multiple mistakes and sometimes we will make the same mistakes but we will learn and evolve.

We get to celebrate mother’s day and father’s day to show the mums and dads how much they mean to their children, but I love the idea of a global day to celebrate parents.

A day where we can all give a little nod to the person next to us with the child having a meltdown that shows “we feel your pain, we salute you, this is not easy – we know you’re doing your best”!


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