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Dear Store Manager,

I really struggle with both the standard and disability trolleys that are available in most supermarkets.

Neither provides Daniel with the trunk support he needs.

It is also impossible for me to lift him in to a standard trolley, as he’s just too heavy and tall now.

This leaves me with very few options; doing my weekly shopping online, leaving Daniel at home while I go shopping, or settling for buying what I can carry as I push his wheelchair.

If doing the weekly shopping is also a challenge for your family, then you will be interested in hearing about the GoTo Shop Trolley!

The GoTo Shop is an adapted trolley for children with special needs that provides extra postural support and a secure five-point harness.

It has been a huge success with parents who have tried it, but unfortunately only one of the major supermarkets currently uses it - Sainsbury’s.

If like me, you would love to have the option of shopping where and when you want to, then we need to work together to tell every supermarket about the difference a GoTo Shop Trolley can make to our lives.

It would be amazing if you could add your name to these flyers and hand them in to your local supermarket managers.

That’s all.

Let’s raise awareness of the challenges we face in our daily lives as special needs parents.

By showing how simple solutions can make a huge difference to families like ours we can encourage our supermarkets to provide GoTo Shop Trolleys.

Help make your voice heard.

Our goal is to have a GoTo Shop Trolley in every supermarket across the UK and Ireland serving the special needs community.



PS. Email, Tweet or Facebook us photos of you handing in the leaflet at your local store!

For more information visit here.


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