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Firefly by Firefly Additional Needs



Parents shouldn't have to struggle to go shopping with their child.

Unfortunately, we know that many do.

We’ve been asking for their thoughts and opinions on the Firefly GoTo Shop Cart - here are just some of the responses we have received:

-  “Great to see this the experience the children get from shopping with mom and dad is priceless and the bond is even better"

- “I think every store should have about 4 each at least. The people that would sit in them would love to be out and about like everyone else and the people that help them can go to the store to get stuff for both people.”

- “It would be awesome if they had them for all ages and sizes.”

- “All stores should have this”

-  “All stores should consider this special needs cart.”

- “This would make shopping soooooooo easy and enjoyable!”

- “We visit USA once a year for therapy and can't enjoy shopping trips like we enjoy shopping trips here in the UK because the other special needs carts just doesn't support my daughter The GoTo is amazing and is in almost every supermarket here in the UK now. It's great we love it and would love to see it in the USA”

- “They should have three or four in very store”

- “The other special needs carts won’t support my daughter there is no lateral and no head support. They serve different needs!”

- “Although the current special needs cart is a wonderful addition to our local retailers, it does not properly fit all children. My son is 2 years old, 24lb with poor head and core support. I support the GoTo Shop for the Moms of smaller special needs babes”

- “All stores should have one there are a lot of special needs children out there”

- “The current adaptive cart is good for bigger kids but this would be perfect for smaller kiddos so they don’t slide off to the side”

- “Arvada, CO needs them would make shopping with all my kids so much easier than to push a wheel chair and pull a cart”

- “Yes!!!! We’ve tried the other special needs carts and it was an epic fail. I left frustrated in tears. My son is just too tiny for it. We NEED them (pretty please).”

- “Same! The other carts are made for adults. Kids are waaay to tiny. My son hates it.”

- “Every place that has shopping baskets should have this”

- “Albany, CA needs one. Other special needs carts are just too big for my toddler who has muscular dystrophy”

- “This will be the only way I can shop with my son without having to leave him with someone.”

- “My daughter cannot sit in a buggy and is still way too little for the other special needs carts”

- “My 5 yrs. son is too little for the other special needs carts. They don’t give any trunk support. He is in a wheelchair otherwise, which makes shopping VERY difficult”

- “Target in Manhattan beach California needs one ASAP! The other special needs carts are great for older kids and adults. The go to is better for smaller kids”

- “Lake Grove, NY! Whole Foods Market. They'd have a customer for life if they had this cart!”

The Firefly GoTo Shop Cart which has transformed shopping trips for special needs families in over 3,500 UK stores, is now available for distribution in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Today we're calling on our US families to get behind the campaign by downloading the US Campaign Leaflet and handing it in to your local stores to make store managers aware that the GoTo Shop Cart is now available in the United States.

Download the leaflet here.

If you require more information, assistance or if you want to let us know your progress feel free to contact


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