Great Sensory Apps for Kids with Special Needs

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Jane Ashton

Jane Ashton

Oscar has managed to get the iPad doing things that even I didn’t know how to do.

There are some Apps that he really seems to enjoy using which you may find useful for your child as well.

Color Dots

A circle floats around the screen which encourages eye tracking. You then have to touch the circle and it will ‘pop’.

Then two circles will appear. Again, they float round the screen you try and ‘pop’ the circles and then three will appear and so on until you end up with lots of floating circles for you to pop.

Oscar really enjoys this app and loves the noise the circles make when they ‘pop’.

Get Color Dots

Warning: Not that I have really played on this app, it’s Oscar’s after all, but it can be highly addictive!


Fluidity is a great sensory app. The best way to describe this app is it is basically like a water effect with bright colours in.

When you touch the screen the colours go brighter and move round the screen faster.

I am not sure why but this app does remind me a bit of a lava lamp.

Get Fluidity


This is another good sensory app where lots of tiny lines look like they are swimming around the screen.

When you touch the screen you can move them where you want to and make lots of patterns.

Get Fingerworks

Pocket Pond

This one is basically a pond with fish swimming round and you can add extra fish, lily pads, dragon flies.

If you touch the screen you will hear the sound of water and the fish swim away and hide before coming out again.

Oscar really enjoys playing this one as well and wonder if the sound of the water is calming for him, as he loves water.

Get Pocket Pond

I hope you have found this list useful. Of course there are so many other apps out there but I would say these are the ones that Oscar really seems to enjoy.

Please feel free to share any suggestions that you may have.



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