Groundhog Day

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Rebecca Shayler-Adams

Rebecca Shayler-Adams

We are just a typical family muddling along our day to day lives. 4 kids, 1 with autism, 1 with an unknown neuromuscular condition

When you have an Autistic child routine is needed and I have started to feel like I am in the movie.

Each day I wake up, I watch the same TV show and watch my son eat the same breakfast. I have the same arguments about putting on coats, sunhats or even suitable shoes. I watch as he trundles off to school.

You would have thought when my son had left for school that would meant that I could do what I wanted. This is not the case.

When the school run is done there is so much work and most is just the same day in and day out.

The house must be perfect for when my son comes in. Everything must be in its place.

All washing and loud housework must be done while he is out of the house due to the loudness of the washing machine and tumble dryer.

All sheets must be washed and put back onto the beds before my son gets home. The fridge must be filled with the right food.

Along with many other things that you don’t even realise you are doing it, until someone asks “what are you doing?”

Even the weekends when schools are shut, are the same week in week out. You could almost live the day with your eyes closed and know exactly where your child is.

This has been our life for nearly 6 years now but that doesn’t make Ground Hog Day any easier.

It doesn’t make it any easier that you know how long to the minute it takes to strip down the bed, wash it and dry it.

It doesn’t make it any easier that you know when the children get home from school my son will need to go upstairs and completely shut the world out and watch tv.

Nothing can prepare you for living Ground Hog Day.

The only difference between my life and the film, is that the main character in the film wanted out and was finding a solution, whereas my life will continue in this cycle for years to come, only changing probably due to circumstances beyond his control.

I will live through this routine as long as I need to and as long as my son needs me to.


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