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How to Make a Fidget: DIY Sensory Disorder Toys

Lauren Brukner by Lauren Brukner Additional Needs

Lauren Brukner

Lauren Brukner

It shouldn't have come as a surprise when, a few days ago, my children emerged from the kitchen, with handmade fidgets, configured out of animal-balloons (I'll get to that), and a bit of water, all tied into a knot.

"Mommy, we made calm-down fidgets!" they exclaimed, pride evident in their voice.

I was pretty impressed.

What a smart idea!

As a therapist with a limited budget, working in the school system, I am always looking for do-it-yourself sensory items.

I have some already made to bring in for the start of the upcoming school year!


- Pack of balloons.

- Your filler of choice e.g. water, rice, play-doh or beads (or anything else you think will be engaging and safe for your child).


- Add your filler into a balloon using a funnel until approximately 1/3 to 1/2 way full. Knot it together.

- Take a second balloon and cut off the neck. Wrap the first balloon in the skin of the second, this will strengthen the surface making it harder to pierce. You can repeat this with a third balloon for extra strength.

- Repeat the entire process with two more balloons and 'double-wrap' them too.

- Tie all balloons together.

You've got it!

Just don't poke a hole in it.

Remember that the fidget could burst if bitten or damaged so it's important to be careful and only use a safe filler.

My kids loved being able to fidget with this, moving between the balloons, and shifting water around from side to side within each balloon.

Have a wonderful day!

Lauren (and the kids- Shayna, Yosef, and Lianna)


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