I Dislike Puberty

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Sara Stythe

Sara Stythe

By sharing our experiences of what it is like raising a child with special needs people can understand our little people a bit better. Hopefully th...

I dislike puberty.

It is changing our sweet girl’s body into a woman’s but her mind is still a young child.

It is preparing her for periods and adulthood when she still prefers to play with Peppa Pig.

I dislike puberty.

It is explaining becoming a woman means she can have children but not having the heart to explain that she never will.

It means she is growing up and her behaviour will be judged and less accepted.

I dislike puberty.

It is teaching her modesty when she has no concept of sexuality.

It is protecting her from predators and trying to keep her safe.

I dislike puberty.

It is wondering how WE go about shaving body hair.

It is preparing for the seemingly impossible process of applying braces.

I dislike puberty.

It is finding a bra she will have the motor skills to put on on her own.

It is getting her used to dealing with the feel of sanitary items when she cannot tolerate wearing a plaster.

I dislike puberty.

It may mean more drugs and wondering if she will use a sippy cup with formula forever.

It is preparing for possible increased seizures.

It is teaching independence but keeping her safe at the same time.

It is confronting and uncomfortable.

But like every other obstacle we have to overcome we will get through this too.

But I still dislike puberty.


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