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My husband and I always try to find little ways to keep the romance alive.

Sometimes in a hectic and overwhelming week we'll treat each other to simple gifts just because.

This could include a single flower, to a candy bar, or a hot coffee drink.

Something little that says I was thinking of you and you are loved.

After a hard and long day there is nothing more romantic than a cup of coffee to keep me on my feet!

When you are raising two small children, and one that is severely disabled sometimes there isn't a lot of you time.

A romantic gesture can come in the form of drawing a bubble bath for your significant other, while the other parent watches the children.

Or giving your partner time to sit down for the first time all day while you clean up after dinner.

Feeling like there is a moment to reconnect with yourself because your partner wants to share the load keeps the love  flowing.

Sometimes love needs no words, a tender look into your partner's eyes can say it all.

I'm here for you, I need you, I love you. An unspoken code that soul mates just have with each other.

Romantic Dinners can be a huge challenge, especially if you are lacking in respite care.

But we've found some great romantic ways of dining in at home.  A well thought out prepared meal at home can look just as fancy as any restaurant could serve and often times be half the cost.

To keep things interesting we even make a point to dine-out on the patio on nice weather or use the dinning room - even if it's not a special holiday.

Making a meal at home, even with the children present can be romantic and filled with love.

My husband and I will sometimes trade duties or chores.  We'll take turns with household duties, assisting with the children, and balancing the needs of our special need's child's exercises and therapies.

This helps feeling connected to the life we both share, the good times and the more challenging times.

Love notes are sometimes a subtle way of reminding your partner about how you feel.

We get so wrapped up in day to day routines that we don't always have an opportunity to say what is on our mind.

Post-it notes on a bathroom mirror, or sitting by the computer waiting for you to check your email to say I love you.

Gentle whispers of love to remind you that Romance is still alive.

When I asked another special needs parent how they kept romance alive, the reply was: "The most important thing to remember is reconnecting with each other...

Saying I love you, having cute code words that only the two of you know what they mean, making each other laugh, never going to bed mad.

I think parents stop making time for each other, to just be together, stay intimate, it's the closest two people can get."

Wishing you all a beautiful Valentine's Day filled with lots of extra romance!

Tell us how do you keep romance alive in your life while balancing a child with special needs?


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