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The GoTo Shop Trolley is currently being rolled out across the UK by some of the major supermarkets and it is set to transform shopping trips for many families.

It will make shopping easier for parents and carers of children with disabilities and more comfortable for the child.

The trolley seat comes with a secure 5 point harness, padded seat and open front for easy transfer.

Over 1500 trolleys have been ordered by supermarket chains including Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Dunnes.

Local mother Emmy Heaton, whose 3 year old son, AJ, has cerebral palsy, has been successfully campaigning for her local supermarket to offer the Go To Shop trolley.

She says the importance of the new shopping trolley cannot be underestimated; “For parents of disabled children, it is the little things that make a big difference.

Shopping trips can often be a major – if not impossible task – for parents and this trolley is exactly what is needed.

Shopping used to be such a stressful experience for me but the new trolley makes a genuine difference.

She added, “It’s great to see that supermarkets across Northern Ireland and beyond, are recognising the vital need for these trolleys.

I asked my local supermarket to offer the trolley and they were very obliging so I would encourage families to ask their local stores and join the #EverySupermarket campaign.”

Claire Smyth, past Firefly Community Manager, said, “We are delighted that shopping excursions are being transformed for families.

It is wonderful that families now have access to this trolley at a number of supermarket chains.

We have a strong community at Firefly and parents are continuously sharing the challenges they face with simple tasks like grocery shopping.

As we have seen with the Upsee, it is the simple products that improve everyday life which are the most effective.

This trolley is much needed and a real game changer for families, making shopping not just possible but enjoyable too.”

To find out if there is a GoTo Shop Trolley in your local supermarket, check the Firefly Finder.

To request one, please ask the store manager to consider getting one in.

For more information on the campaign and how to get involved, visit here.


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