Marks & Spencer to launch, ‘Easy Dressing’, Schoolwear Range

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The school-wear range is in addition to its range of vests and bodysuits for older children.

M&S has worked with The National Autistic Society to the develop this new line of school uniform.

It includes:

Boys & Girls short sleeve shirts with hidden baby soft velcro - fastening down to the fourth button - meaning no tricky buttons when getting dressed and undressed.

Boys & Girls pull up trousers with no zips or buttons which will be available in all ages. (They also include additional room for nappies and incontinence pads.)

Unisex long sleeve polo shirts with a two piece collar perfect for kids who have to wear a tie but dislike wearing school shirts.

The, ‘Easy Dressing’, collection is designed to make it easier for children to dress themselves and feel comfortable all day.

The range is guaranteed to be high quality and affordable just what we expect from M&S.


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