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Often the words, “Special Needs” are overshadowed with negative thoughts, fear or sadness.

These were all my own thoughts in the early days on our journey when my four-year-old blue-eyed boy was handed his diagnosis.

I came to understand though that my child is not disabled he is differently abled.

My child is amazing because –  he is wise beyond his years, he offers some real gems of advice from his 10-year-old brain yet his autism makes him appear to have little or no common sense at times.

My child is amazing because – he can literally tell you every vehicle on the road, just by having a quick glance at their logo.

Then launch into a tirade of comparisons between the top sports or electric vehicles currently on the market.

I often feel left out as the outnumbered girl in the house of car fanatics.

My child is amazing because – he will not be fooled if you try and switch his brand of chicken breast pieced from Morrisons to Sainsburys and knows when the chocolate spread is not Nutella.

My child is amazing because – After so long avoiding leaving the house and going to places for fear of meltdown or people glares - will now ask me the star rating of a mini-break, if the log cabin has a hot tub or if the villa has its own pool!

My child is amazing because – he tries, oh boy does he try.

He will conform, he will do EVERYTHING you ask of him, no matter how unsure.

He will try EVERYTHING once, yes this was not always the case but as he has grown older and in confidence, we do push his boundaries and he trusts us that it will be ok, that we would never make him do anything too uncomfortable.

He knows that when I say, “trust me, just try and if you’re not keen then you don’t have to do/try/experience that again” – that I mean this and he is safe!

My child is amazing because – he loves!

With no limits or judgement, he wholeheartedly, devotingly loves and wants me to know this.

He can tell me literally more than 20 times a day how much he loves me and when you consider were away from each other between the hours of 8-5 that’s a whole lotta love exchange crammed into the morning and evenings.

My child is amazing because -he taught me how to love and how to live, how to be non-judgemental.

Made me feel that I could help others by sharing the highs and lows of our ASD journey – a raw and unedited point of view.

My child is amazing because -  From the minute those two pink lines appeared on that pregnancy stick all those years ago now – I knew that he was boy and I knew that it was going to be special.

I never could have imagined the journey we would take; the assessments, the meetings, the observations, the milestones that came after everyone else’.

The support with speech, the support with motor skills, the support with – well just about every aspect of everything.

But all said and done – My child is amazing because – he is mine!


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