My Two Superheroes

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Amy Cameron

Amy Cameron

I’m mummy to 2 boys with very different needs - follow us to see how we live a different kind of normal.

My two boys make my days super busy – my days are filled with daily care, appointments, phone calls, meetings as well as trying to do fun things and keeping my boys both happy.

But my two boys are my superheroes - they amaze me every day.

Here are five things that make them totally awesome:

1. They both have a wicked sense of humour; my boys make me laugh every day.

They use humour in lots of different situations – whether it’s telling me something about their day or just their little expressions when we’re meant to be dealing with something serious.

Their funny humour gets me through the hard days.

2. They have a fighting spirit: my boys are both different and they know it. But they don’t let anything hold them back, they never give up and they try their best with everything they do.

They both face different challenges but they both fight thru the everyday to achieve all they can.

3. They tell it like it is; my boys have the ability to just tell the truth.

They will tell you when they’ve had enough of your company, they will tell you if you’re not looking your best, they will tell you if they don’t like something and I admire them for it because you know exactly where you stand with them.

You don’t have to work them out – they’ll just say what they think.

4. They have amazing abilities; one of my boys is like a human calculator and he blows my mind with his crazy number skills.

He remembers amazing facts and figures and likes to report them back to me.

My other son is brilliant with words and for a three-year-old, he always knows the right thing to say to cheer someone up or to make people happy.

He tells me incredible stories that he’s thought up and with him, by my side, it’s never quiet for long.

5. They accept each other; my boys have very different needs and yet they seem to just understand each other so well.

Of course, they have their moments like any other brothers but when they work together they really are an awesome team.

So my boys are my superheroes and I admire them for all that they are –they are amazing and they make my every day happy.


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