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Brittney Baumgartner

Brittney Baumgartner

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With Oliver turning 4 this year, we are soon to be hitting the school avenue.

Just saying that puts butterflies in my belly.

Never would I have imagined I would be sending by little boy off to school soon. When they say time flies, they sure mean it...

Our avenue comes with a little more turns and stops than for others. Oliver is a full time wheelchair user, and we do have to Cath him every three hours.

When he was younger, we attended therapy through ECI (early childhood intervention). At three years of age, they assist and help you over to public schooling, if you choose to go that route.

I wanted to home school Oliver the first year after leaving ECI until he was four and now here we are.

I want Oliver to have that social experience and make friends, and exceed to the best of his abilities.

So we have scheduled ourselves an appointment for the beginning of this month, in which they will evaluate Oliver to see what programs we can qualify for, through the school district.

These could be programs which allow Oliver to go to school for a couple hours a day, get a head start on a few things or even be placed in a certain classroom with other children whom may have delays in any area.

We do not know entirely all that is offered, but that is what we are setting out to see. With public schooling, my fear was just throwing Oliver into school and being away from home.

We never put Oliver in day care, and that was not just because of his diagnosis, but also because I had the ability to stay home with them.

This unfortunately left us with little socialization with other children his age.

It was tough already when we would go on mommy play dates, because after so long, the children who crawled with Oliver went on to walking and he could not keep up.

Now when his older brother’s friends come over, I see the desperation and need to want to go and play with them.

Luckily, they are older and at an age to understand his disability and they take it a little slower for him to play with.

We have been blessed in many ways, siblings included, and want the best experience for Oliver with schooling and meeting new friends of all abilities.

We just hope it can be provided through the school district for us and ultimately, for Oliver.


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