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Amy Sweeney

Amy Sweeney

My name is Amy and I’m mum to Wilson aged 3 and Ava aged 4. Wilson has cerebral palsy affecting all 4 limbs along with CVI but it doesn’t let it st...

Not just a dad but a round the clock worker prepared to do anything to provide for his family, not just a dad but a cuddly bear ready to carry his cubs any time they need it, not just a dad but an adventurous story teller that has his children at the edge of their seats (or laughing their heads off!), not just a dad but a superhero in disguise.

It’s often the mums that get the recognition when it comes to taking care of children, it’s the way it always was! The man would go out and work the woman would stay at home and take care of everything else. Of course, that was a long time ago and things have changed so much! But the dads often still go unnoticed.

But you know what I’ve noticed? That they don’t mind!

Not only does my husband get stuck in and do SO much for our children but when it’s me that gets the praise for how well they are doing, he allows it. He’s always in the background making sure everyone’s ok and he’s honestly the glue that holds us all together.

He has a way of making us all feel safe and secure and is that reassuring voice telling us all that no matter what happens, everything will work out!

So, on Father’s Day, the one day of the year that it will all be about the dads, I’m going to give him the recognition he deserves and our children no doubt will shower him in hugs!

Because a good dad will always put his family before anything else and I’m so grateful that my children will grow up with such an amazing role model.

So, I write this hoping my husband will see and realise that although I often forget to give him the reassurance that he’s doing a great job like he gives me on a daily basis, I hope he knows already. You just have to spend one day with our children to know they have an amazing mentor in their dad guiding them on the right paths while putting that determination into them telling them they can achieve anything they want to!

To the rest of the word you are a dad but to us, you are the world.



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