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Jenni Wolfenbarger

Midwest Mom parenting 5 kids of 3 nationalities. Passionate about adoption, special needs and living a life that is filled with faith & laughter #CLE

Discussion groups have opened my world to friends I would have never met otherwise and my life is richer for it.

Today, one of my friends told me that her doctor did not agree with equipment she was requesting for her child.

It wasn't anything big, but the doctor thought that her opinion was more important than the parents.

Of course, this can lead to frustration because we are with our children all the time and the doctor may see them once every few months.

Instead of asking more questions about the request, this doctor just said no and moved on with the appointment.

There are times where something is completely against what is safe, necessary or needed for a child.

I understand that.

A doctor or a therapist can see that a certain piece of equipment would not work for a child or a new medication everyone is trying wouldn't be safe.

Those are the times that a discussion about it and finding an alternative would be necessary.

Sometimes a parent might need education or sometimes it's about listening to why the parent is asking for something.

Maybe there is a bigger problem to solve.

Other times medical professionals get stuck in a rut and only use certain products, companies, medications or service providers.

That's when we, as parents, as advocates go to work for our children.

And I would hope any professional would take the time to listen and see that the parent has done their homework.

My genuine wish for all healthcare providers is that they would listen and view us as partners in our children's care.

I hope that we could solve problems together and each would rely on our own expertise.

After all, we know our children and that is our expertise.


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