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Cornwall Services on the busy A30 trunk road near Bodmin has opened a Space to Change assisted wheelchair-accessible toilet, in the main building.

The new facility demonstrates exceptional customer care.

It opened just THREE months after first being requested by visitor and special needs parent Rachel George.

The installation was carried out by the expert team at Clos-o-Mat.

Explains Cornwall Services manager Alex Lawson, “Rachel and her family stopped to use our facilities on a trip to Cornwall. The needs of their child mean they need a large changing bench and hoist - kit not normally found in a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet. So while they were here, she approached me and asked if we could see a way to offer those facilities.

'Conventionally that would have meant a Changing Places toilet, which would require finding a room 12m2 to comply. We were struggling to do that when we heard about Space to Change, which has the same key equipment, but in a smaller space - 7.5m2 .

We had an existing toilet which could be remodelled to accommodate that, and Rachel was happy with the compromise, so that is what we have installed. It was the perfect solution!”

Added Rachel, 'When I spoke to Alex, he ‘got’ what I was asking for straight away!

It will make such a difference to the tens of thousands of families like ours with someone who needs changing.

Without a bench and hoist, we face our loved one having to remain in a soiled nappy, or lie on a public toilet floor to be changed.'

Firefly Community's Claire Smyth commented, 'Not only are we excited that this is the first Space to Change installation in a service station, it is absolutely amazing that within 3 months this Space to Change facility has opened.

I hope that this acts as a real encouragement to other campaigners who are perhaps feeling a little fatigued or want-to-be campaigners who are a bit daunted by what it means to campaign for better facilities.'

A member of staff will provide access to the Space to Change toilet for visitors needing to use it. All staff have been fully trained in the concept and equipment, to help users as required.

If you are a venue interested in installing a Space to Change accessible toilet in the UK, get in touch with Clos-0-mat!

If you are interested in becoming a Campaigner, get in touch!


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