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Space to Change Update

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Just before Christmas I emailed a local shopping centre to ask them to provide Space to Change.

The Centre Manager asked to me call in - it was a great visit - not only because Karen Marshall, the Centre Manager of Bow Street Mall in Lisburn, Northern Ireland was keen to get involved, but also, she wanted to help me get information out about the campaign to all the shopping centres in Northern Ireland through the NI Regional of Shopping Centres. ​

So far, the response has been great and, just last week, I received an email inviting me to visit a shopping centre in Antrim (Northern Ireland), Castle Mall.

Yesterday, I set out on a very cold and snowy day along the M2 motorway to meet Theresa Murray, Centre Manager.

Theresa showed me the shopping centre’s existing facilities, which were already pretty amazing for families.

They included two changing areas, a breast feeding chair, a cubicle with an adult and toddler toilet.

Theresa explained that they would like to extend an existing bench in order to receive an Orange Space to Change Award.

I explained that it would be better for the bench to be around waist height for ease of transfer in comparison to the above waist height that baby changing units are often placed at.

We talked about privacy, hygiene and space being the key components of a good Space to Change venue coupled with understanding from venue staff.

Castle Mall is located in the centre of Antrim Mall and I am sure that having a Space to Change award will encourage many families to visit the shopping centre to use the facilities which will also be a boost to stores located in Castle Mall.

I’m looking forward to receiving a call or email from Theresa so I can visit again, this time to present them with their Orange Award.

So I’ve sent just one email that resulted in 6 shopping centres in Northern Ireland currently making changes to receive a Space to Change Award.

My goal is that every shopping centre in Northern Ireland will provide Space to Change.

If you’d like to get involved why not become a Space to Change Champion just like me.

All you need to do is ask just one question: ‘Could your business provide Space to Change?’

It could make a real difference for your family and others in your area.

If you have any questions get in touch via the Contact Form.

For up-to-date campaign news click here.


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