Special Needs Families: 5 Companies That Have Exceptional Customer Service

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Great customer service can range from assisting us with problem solving or offering us solutions, and expediting help.

It means going the extra distance and offering a stressed, overwhelmed parent kindness, politeness, professionalism and understanding.

We need companies that will go the distance to help make our lives easier and who send out the message that they want to be a part of our solution and not a part of our problem.

Here are five great companies that offer some incredible customer service.


Firefly makes a variety of products geared towards family participation; The Upsee, The Playpak, The Scooot, The Splashy, and The GoTo Seat.

Firefly also understands that not all of their products may work out well for particular children for a variety of reasons and as such offer one of the best return policies risk free.

Firefly's 42 day return policy not only gives families and children with special needs ample opportunity to explore whether an item works well for their child, it also gives their treating providers an opportunity to see the child in an adaptive device and make any potential adjustments or assessment.

There is nothing better than investing in a piece of equipment and knowing that if for any reason it didn't work out that you could easily return it hassle and risk free.

They have great customer communication that will help guide you through both troubleshooting products, webinars that offer fantastic tutorials, and representatives able and ready to assist you should you need assistance on making a return.


Convaid is one of the leaders in the manual wheelchair industry.

What makes them truly incredible is their generous impact on the special needs community.

You may have heard about a child's wheelchair being stolen, and Convaid swoops into the rescue knowing that insurance would not assist with the replacement of that wheelchair for that family.

Perhaps you bought a wheelchair second hand but it's missing the accessories you need to make it workable for your child with special needs?

Convaid has regional representatives that are able to assist you putting you in touch with a DME or representative that can assist you through those purchasing needs.

Their representatives are responsive to your child's unique needs and they are a company that is striving to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.

Convaid also has a fantastic awareness campaign where they aim to not only to be a wheelchair distributor but a company that cares.

Kickee Pants:

Kickee Pants is a clothing line that many families who have children with sensory challenges to fabrics and textures or children with medically fragile skin conditions turn to.

Kickee pants has a fantastic return policy that should any of their articles of clothing be defective - or develop a defect of any kind at any time like a zipper failing or a snap breaking or a hole turning up in a seam they will gladly exchange it at any time.

They genuinely care about their clothing line and the children wearing them.

They are also great about working with your child’s insurance if it is a covered benefit under a Medicaid Waiver for your child.


There are so many blenders to choose from, and Vitamix is one of the leading brands when it comes to a blender that parents gravitate towards for a blended diet for children who are tube feed or children who require a pureed diet.

What makes Vitamix so incredible is their quick responsiveness and great seven-year warranty.

If something goes wrong with your machine for any reason they'll repair it as quickly as possible - have a dull blade or accidentally shred the tamper by getting it close to the blades without the lid on... no worries they are so great they'll expedite that part for you under warranty often times even overnight!

They are easy to access by phone or online and are very responsive to your child's medical needs and they understand the importance of the Vitamix in the nutritional needs for your child.

Specialised Orthotic Services:

This UK based company offers incredible customer service.

They go the distance to make sure that their products are a proper fit, and are willing to make adjustments and provide remedies for any unforeseen difficulties with fitting.

Although the company is now distributing through Drive Medical in the USA, out of pocket purchases have been met with exceptional assistance from start to finish.

Finding a company that not only cares about the quality of the products they make and produce but the satisfaction of the customers they serve is golden.

Tell us what companies have you used or purchased items from that have offered you exceptional service!


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