Special Needs Families: Neuro, Urology and More

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We started off August with a visit to urology. Oliver had surgery for his bladder and kidneys back in April for reflux issues.

So our appointment in August was the surgery follow up, just a tad bit late.

The appointment consisted of filling his bladder to see how it held up and at what volume would it try and empty itself, if at all.

They also look at the kidneys to see if, at this high volume does any of the urine flow back into the kidneys.

This is what we do not want happening, as it can scar the kidneys and ultimately lead to kidney failure.

Luckily, we showed no more sign of reflux and that although in tiny increments, Oliver is still able to functionally empty his bladder somewhat.

We do however still need to continue cathing him like we have been.

In September, we continued the follow up process with a trip to his neurosurgeon.

All of these appointments are out of town a few hours, and with three boys, it can get difficult. Luckily my husband is an amazing support system, helping out when he can!

For our neuro appointment, we definitely were behind in follow ups, so we had to get a full scan of his head and spine.

The doctors use these scans to check his spine to make sure there is no sign of tethered cord, and they also check his head and brain to make sure his shunt is working properly and his Chiari is not showing him any problems.

Chiari can present problems like difficulty breathing, choking, headaches, and more.

We scored another lucky appointment and everything checkout out clear for us. I sure am knocking on wood when I say that we have gotten lucky with Oliver.

Most people with VP shunts face failures or infection with the device in the first few years of placement, which requires surgery.

Oliver is three now and we’ve been blessed to have no issues as of yet.

Glancing into the future a little, October is showing another eventful month as we go back for his spina bifida clinic and more urology visits.

I tell ya, this boy sure does keep us on his toes!

We will always take a handful of good check-ups though, over anything straying from that.


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