Special needs families: Plateau’s and where to go

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Francie Khalaf

Francie Khalaf

I am a wife and mother of two children with cerebral palsy. I believe in making lemonade out of lemons

Special needs families: Plateau’s and where to go

What do you do when you’ve hit a plateau?

You are doing the same thing over and over with fewer and fewer results.

I often find myself falling into plateaus with my weight loss.

What worked for the past 3 months isn’t working now. I am back to gaining weight.

When I find myself here I change up my routine and what I am doing.

I change how often I am working out, make sure to get adequate sleep, drink more water or anything to help me get over the hump.

We recently found ourselves in this situation with Sawyer.

We were doing what we could at home but the pandemic had vastly reduced our physical therapy hours.

Sawyer was at a stand still and we were working with him every day but needed direction. [Insert a random Facebook comment here] A mutual friend of my uncle commented on a post about my son.

She commented that we need to meet this therapist named Josh in Ohio.

I was sceptical at first and even had to reschedule a few appointments.

Going to Ohio for 3 full weeks wasn’t a small undertaking for our family and it made me extremely nervous.

After hearing Josh speak to us and hearing what he had to say we knew it was a God moment.

It was a moment that God pushed us to exactly where we needed to be, despite it being scary.

Sometimes the best things are the scariest things in life.

In one simple video call Josh gave us HOPE.

He gave us hope for the future for our son. He said things that made so much sense about Sawyer.

He didn’t diminish the fact that Sawyer’s brain injury meant he would never accomplish some things.

He said that often times these kids accomplish so much more.

After our call I looked at Sawyer’s nurse, who has now become a sister to me and we both just smiled.

We felt the hope and saw the future for Sawyer that felt so far away.

Sometimes that ’s all it takes but for us, this is the beginning of the story.

Follow the next blog for the months leading up to therapy and the time in therapy.


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