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Mark Arnold

Mark heads up Urban Saints pioneering additional needs ministry programme and is co-founder of the ‘Additional Needs Alliance’, a learning and supp...

This month I just want to share a few thoughts about how, during the holiday season, it is so important that we focus our time, our energy, and all that we are trying to do on spending time with our children and having a really great time together.

Wherever you are, whether in the UK or overseas, during this holiday season the time that we invest in our children and young people, especially those who have additional needs or disabilities, is time that is so precious; building those memories, creating those wonderful moments that our children will look back on in the future.

Times when they will be able to recognise that we were there for them.

And whatever that looks like for you, whether it’s taking them on a trip to the shops, whether it’s taking them to a leisure park, whether it’s taking them somewhere where they can go on roller coaster rides and have an amazing time, whether it’s coming to somewhere like the beach, or even if it’s just spending some quality time on the sofa watching a film and eating some popcorn together.

Whatever that looks like for you, let’s make sure that during this holiday period we’re making the most of every one of those opportunities, because, you know what it’s like, our children are only children for so many years and nobody ever looked back at their life and wished that they had spent more time working or down the pub with their mates.

What people look back on, and regret, is that they didn’t spend enough quality time with their kids doing amazing memory-making things that will last with their children throughout their lives.

So, whatever you are doing this summer holiday, I just hope that you are having an amazing time, that you are really enjoying the quality time that you are getting with your children, whether you see them every day, whether you’ve got holiday time off from work with them, maybe you only have access to them once a week or more, but whatever that time is let’s make the most of it shall we. Let’s make those memory making moments count.

Let’s scrapbook those moments, let’s take photos and video, lets gather it all together so that when it’s dark and wet and gloomy, when summer has long gone, we can look back and share those moments together again and be so thankful for them; so thankful for the times we spent together and celebrating the joy of being family together.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a fabulous time and make the most of each of those opportunities.

It might involve some food, sometimes just getting together and going to get something to eat, or getting some take-away, or making something to eat together at home, can be great memory making moments as well.

So, let’s make the most of this wonderful summer that we’ve got; let’s enjoy every precious time that we can spend together with our kids, and let’s make those memories ‘stick’ forever and count forever and be memories that our kids can look back on. And maybe, in the future, when they are thinking about their life, maybe when times are hard, they can remember the good times that they have had and that can encourage and inspire them and help them.

So let’s have fun! Let’s make those memories and let’s enjoy them together!


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