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Teaching The Next Generation

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Rochelle Followes

Rochelle Followes

I am parent to a gorgeous little blue eyed boy who has complex needs. I have a Facebook page, 'my daily miracle' where I share our life with others...

They have so many questions they want answered and so many concerns they are beginning to show.

It can be so hard trying to give them answers without absolutely mind boggling them at the same time or scaring them with the brutal facts.

However, I have always wanted to be open and honest with them.

They are the next generation and it's important they learn the importance of inclusion and equality.

Young children are so curious!

They will ask quite matter of fact why Zachariah is in a big red chair and they are able to freely roam around.

They ask why Zachariah sleeps a lot and why he doesn’t see the same things they see.

Because we have always been so open from the start they are now really starting to understand, however their questions are getting harder to answer, sometimes because we just don’t know the answer ourselves.

One question was, “Why can’t he walk?"

I’ll be honest, I stuttered and looked to my friend who answered, “his muscles aren’t strong enough at the moment but he has equipment and people to help him”.

By answering their questions and giving them tips on how they can help him, they are learning so much more than if we cover it up or brush it under the carpet. They deserve to be listened to and answered.

Young children want to fix things!

My niece is an absolute sweetie! She is so caring and delicate, recently I received a picture through WhatsApp (shown below) with this written under it:

I’ve drawn a different heart for Zachariah, because he can’t do the same things as we can."

She noticed at four years old that Zachariah is different to her and is wanting to help him. I cried! I cried because of how beautiful it was, although Zachariah wasn’t with her she was thinking about him. 

The fact that it isn’t Zachariah’s heart but in fact his brain that has caused Zachariah to be delayed is beside the point, she has digested the information we have given her in her own way.

The same little niece will bring him a million and one toys to play with, taking the time to hold each one right up to his face and say “can you see it Zachy Pants?”, and the same little girl will stand beside him whilst he's in his standing frame and occupy him as he isn’t too keen.

She’s patient and loving with her cousin.

The more we invest the more they will be aware.

This blog is dedicated to all those loving and caring children who want to better their understanding and help their friends with disabilities, who want to know more and who have passion at such young ages to make a difference!

I just hope that all the other families out there are encouraging them and spending time with them to talk about all kinds of disabilities to ensure we live in a world full of acceptance, understanding and equality.

I love the next generation and everything they teach me!

Rochelle, mummy to Zachariah xx


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