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My son is 10, he is non-verbal and has profound and multiple learning difficulties. He can’t wish his Dad a Happy Father’s Day but I think this is what he’d say if he could…

Dear Dad,

I love that I’m the first person you speak to when you get home from work at night. You always ask me if I’ve had a good day at school and check with mum that I have been in good form.

I love that you include me in all the games you play with my brother, even if I can’t really do them. I don’t mind if the ball hits my head or my chair when we’re playing football because at least I’m there with you.

I love that you bought me a Liverpool kit just like my brother, although I’m sorry that I like to chew it.

I love shower time with you because you make it so much fun. Mum is always in a bit of a rush but you blow bubbles and tickle me and take a bit longer because you know how much I love the water.

I know it makes you sad that you can’t come to all my appointments but it’s OK because I know you are working hard for our family.

I know you get annoyed when people stare at me or say rude things but don’t worry, I’m never upset because I know you’ll always keep me safe.

Thank you for always being able to make me laugh with your funny noises.

Thank you for sitting with me at night when I have a sore tummy, I love snuggling in to you for cuddles. You always make me feel better.

Thank you for all the fab times we have together.

I know it’s getting hard but I love that you carry me over rocks so I can dip my toes in the water or carry me up sand dunes so I can see the view too.

I love that you’re my Dad.

Thank you for being you, you’re the best!

Your son xx


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