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We had more doctor visits with Oliver, we were more cautious and aware of any symptoms he had, we even found ourselves with a new set of friends.

It is actually amazing what social networking can provide now-a-days.

I found all the support groups that I am a part of through Facebook.

One day, while scrolling, I even came across this very website that posts my blogs for all of you to read: Firefly.

Most days, I curse Facebook for that weird, “suggestions”, thing they do based off previous research you have done.

It creeped me out to see the shoes I so happened to research on Google the day before.

The only day it did not freak me out, was when they suggested this company who provided products for special needs families.

I had previously done some research on mobility devices for young infants.

Granted I still do not know if Oliver will walk or not, but I wanted to see what was out there.

I found a couple companies here and there, but the next time I logged onto Facebook....BAM! There it was.

In that little suggestion box.

I understand how it may look, me bragging about the same company that gives me the opportunity to blog for them, but they are truly amazing!

I was introduced to not only mobility devices like the Scooot,but other products as well.

Although Oliver does not need some of these products, it was nice to know if he had ever needed it, that it was out there and available.

What amazed me the most, was seeing how connected Firefly is with the families.

On the wall, at any given day, I can go visit their Facebook page and see that we are more than just customers.

There are so many different ways you can connect with them, whether it be through their products, family blogs and updates, or even through their Firefly Community.

I have my eyes set on the Scooot, which will allow Oliver to get around while he builds the strength to one day walk. When he is of age, and we purchase it, we know that we are more than a customer.

It is like a giant family...they know what new possibilities their products can provide and show that with all the amazing pictures we see every day.I am not just bragging about Firefly because I blog for them.

I am bragging because I am truly thankful I found a place that sees my son for him.

For finding a company that knows that for our children there are no limits as to what they can accomplish.

I officially declare this my, "Firefly Appreciation Blog!"

Seeing everyone else's amazing photos with their Firefly products, I ask; What has Firefly brought to you and your family?

What are you thankful for?


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