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Laura Rutherford

Laura Rutherford

Mum to Brody & Sydney. Inclusion campaigner. Tesco Junior nappy co-creator.

Without my mum, I would be lost.

There are very few people who, “get”, Brody completely.

Understand his non-verbal cues.

Understand his very real lack of danger awareness (and that we’re not just over anxious helicopter parents).

Understand his wobbly legs.

Understand his sensory issues.

Understand his routine and that if you put his shoes on, you better be ready to leave the house in T minus ten seconds…

There are also very few people who really understand what our life is like or know when I’m struggling.

Obviously there are a million amazing things that come with being Brody’s parents and we wouldn’t be without him.

But life isn’t always straight forward when you have a child with disabilities - and a lot of people really don’t get that.

My mum does.

Mum is the reason I’ve been able to keep swimming on the many occasions I thought I might sink a little (or a lot) over the past six years.

Mum is the reason hospital appointments aren’t completely stressful.

Helping me through the waiting room chaos.

Watching the kids so that I can talk to the doctor.

Absorbing information so that it’s not just my brain trying to process what is being said.

And then letting me offload, rant or cry about it all afterwards.

Mum is the reason I don’t go insane in the school holidays.

Mum is the reason I don’t permanently have grey roots and can visit a hairdresser.

Mum is the reason I can go out and nag meet with various places about installing Changing Places toilets every month.

Mum is the reason we can have a night away once or twice a year and some welcomed rest without worrying or feeling guilty about the kids.

Mum is the reason I’ve got this.

And I don’t think I’ll ever quite have the words to thank her enough.


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