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Mother to 3 boys, who are getting older by the second. Married to my best friend, Aaron. Living life day by day, in this rambunctious yet blessed h...

As the year comes closer and closer to an end, I can’t help but look back and reflect.

I know how corny that sounds, but for everything my family and I have gone through this year, it is a given.

I have yet to blog about it, but I actually finally broke the four year streak of being a stay at home mom and started working outside the home.

Before working, I never knew how it would be possible.

With Oliver’s therapy appointments, doctors appointments, and just all the other miscellaneous activities I did with him and the other kiddos, the idea of adding an 8 hour block to my schedule each day was impossible.

Or so it seemed.

But here I am, almost 2 months in and I can say it IS possible!

Of course deep down I always knew it would be, as I am not the first mom of a special needs child to go to work. Lol!

It was just the right time for me to be able to do it.

So I made the leap.

To add the cherry on top, I get to work in the field I am going to school for and have been blessed with an amazing crew and supervisor to work with.

People who understand that we are more than a body set out to do their duties for their shift and nothing more.

That we are real humans, with lives and unique ones that require a little more or a little less than others.

But don't get me wrong, it sure did not start off easy.

Within my first weeks of working, I had Oliver come home multiple times with the stomach bug and RSV, the youngest Theodore come home with strep, and my oldest Aaden come home from injury as well as his round in the stomach flu.

Without my husband and a few other lovely ladies that have helped me tremendously, I don't know how I would've got through it all.

So as I reflect on all that has ended, begun and happened this year, I am oh so grateful for it all!

Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons, when to slow down, when changes need to be made, and even when new paths need to be taken.

Most of us just forget to take the time and reflect on it all.

Not just take a bad day for being a bad day, but how we could learn from it.

How we can appreciate so much more, the good things in our lives.

SO if you are reading this, I am grateful for you.


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