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Every year, around Thanksgiving time, we attend a yearly camp located near us. Camp John Marc.

It is such a wonderful, inclusive, and fun camp for the whole family to attend.

They always have the Spina bifida camp around the same time, and we were able to attend this year.

Oliver is four years old now, and just at the right age that he is able to communicate with people as well as access his wheelchair himself and independently go where he pleases.

My husband and I were very excited to see his reaction this year as he met and hung out with all the other kiddos and their own mobility devices.

Having attended before, we know that majority of the mobility devices are wheelchairs so we knew to look out for the races, crashes, and excitement!

“Mommy, look at all these kids in wheelchairs too!”

Words I still remember, even a month after camp has come and gone.

He was so very excited to finally not be the only one on wheels.

Oliver zipped around with the other children, each one finding their voice and greeting each other like little kids do.

I can’t voice enough how much I love attending this camp with my family.

You are able to choose activities you want to attend during the duration of your time, all of which are wheelchair accessible.

From fishing off the dock to weird science, there is never a hassle in having to make sure Oliver can participate.

But beyond the activities and even the good camp food (lol!), it means so much more to us.

I know that I have friends and a great support team that can listen to me cry about my problems or frustrations and even offer me supplies if they have them and I am in need.

Mothers are able to get together and share advice on things that may or may not work better for you and your child.

When a family receives a diagnosis for their child, parents tend to isolate themself and feel like no one out there understands.

Camps like Camp John Marc, find ways to bring us all together in one place so that we can finally see that we are not alone.

In fact we are just apart of a much larger group that have so much in common.

We love, we fear, we try so very hard for these little people we call our children.

I do hope that you look in to camps around your area, or even a little farther (because I guarantee its worth the travel) so you can feel the same way I do!

I give so much thanks again, to Camp John Marc and all they do for families like mine.


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