The News that Jade has Cerebral Palsy Changed Everything

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Caro Robbertze

Caro Robbertze

We had to change the way we held her, talk to her, feed her and even put her to sleep.

A lot of information for mom and dad to take in.

But we had to deal with it. Each in our own way.

I started making plans for all the “what if’s”. Not sure what my husband was thinking, we were not really talking about it.

Our relationship took really bad strain because of it. But we had to deal with it in our own way. I think I cried for a day and that was it.

I’m a really strong person so I could deal with it, for myself and my husband, until he could come to terms with it by himself.

At least we didn’t blame each other.

But we blamed ourselves for a long time. Think sometimes we still do.

We have a very good support system. That is the key.

My mom is really a diamond. She is always there to listen and to help where she can.

My aunts and I are really close. They are always there if I need to talk to someone.

Jade’s godmother is really good to her. She spoils the kid rotten. But so it should be.

I remember the day we got the news. Everyone sent messages to say they are really sorry about what has happened but don’t worry, we are all here for you.

Jade’s godmother said to me “now she is even more special to all of us because she is different”. They knew not to call or come by as we had to deal with it first.

But they are there in a heartbeat if I call.

No matter where they are.

If you don’t have close family to lean on then take to the internet.

There are really good support groups all over the world.

They don’t judge you if you have an off day or an off month.

It's amazing how people are there for you even if they don’t know you, but they know what you are dealing with.

It has been a bumpy road up till now.

It’s been nearly a year since we found out.

I want to say it gets easier but maybe it’s better to say it gets easier to deal with.


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