To Best Friends - The Special Needs Parent’s Secret Weapon

Jessica Rivera by Jessica Rivera Additional Needs

Jessica Rivera

Jessica Rivera

Recently, a stomach virus struck my children and me.

The bug only plagued my oldest son and me for 24 hours but poor Matthew wasn’t so lucky and after two days became severely dehydrated.

It’s difficult to think about how much pain he was in once we arrived in the Emergency Room and they tried to start an IV.

After what seemed like an eternity the amazing crew of doctors, nurses and medics were successful.

During the nightmare of finding a vein my best friend called my cell phone several times.

Then somehow the phone in the observation room rang and it was my husband saying my best friend was trying to call me.

I smiled to myself because I knew if I didn’t want to be harmed, I better call her immediately.

Of course she made me feel better instantly.

Due to his condition it wasn’t long after the IV fluids were started that the doctor informed me they were admitting Matthew to stay overnight at the hospital.

I let my husband know we weren’t coming home and asked that he pass the information along to everyone.

Within 30 minutes we were being transported from the ER observation to the pediatric floor.

I had to sit in the hospital bed and hold Matthew as they moved him for safety reasons.

When they wheeled us into the room, there already waiting with a latte for me was my best friend.

She was already crocheting a hat for her godson.

She stayed with me until dinnertime making sure to leave me half of her salad in case I was starving overnight.

By the way, I dropped my dinner on the floor of that hospital room so that salad was a lifesaver.

The next morning, though Matthew was obviously feeling better, he still wasn’t eating.

I sent my bestie a text saying that I knew they wouldn’t be discharging Matthew for another day.

A few hours later she appeared at the hospital with a suitcase filled with everything a girl could need to feel human again.

Shampoo, conditioner, and lotion – this woman thought of everything.

It doesn’t end there because she came back after work too.

All of her actions during Matthew’s hospital stay meant the world to me.

I don’t think I could ever put into words how grateful I am to have that kind of love and support.

Not only is her love for my son unconditional but for me too.

To all the best friends out there, keep up the good work because my best friend is setting the bar pretty high.


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